Technology Consultancy

Minab offers technical consultancy services to both local and international organizations in three primary areas, data collection and analysis, process automation, and standard operation procedure designs. With extensive experience in all categories of services we deliver we offer our clients a holistic approach to data collection visualization in context-relevant models. We also offer process automaton and digitization models for scaling organizations that are looking to automate their business operation processes or keep track of a set of specific KPIs. We also help our clients in defining standard operating procedures in day-to-day operations to help guide their automation guides.

Data collection and visualization

We have a demonstrable capacity in data processing and analysis using standardized tools. We have a reputation for being a data-driven company with the capacity to properly capture, index, process, visualize and analyze data a competency we can demonstrate. enim.

Automation and digitization models

Minab offers a well-thought automation model prior to the technical proposal for enterprises with no digital automation prior experience before software development proposals for effective implementation of any digital intervention their organization requires to increase operational efficiency.

Standard operation procedures

We consult on standardizing organization operations, especially ones that require multiple process points and generate high volume data. Standard operation procedure consultations are usually coupled with proposed automation and development proposals.