Software Development

Minab is a reputable firm in delivering various types of software development services based on both liners as well as dynamic specifications from our clients following all the industry standards and procedures. Our team has extensive experience in large-scale service cloud platforms that involve multi-stakeholders both in the development and operation period. We also offer initiation, upgrade, and modification of existing platforms following guidelines from our clients or ones proposed by us. In addition, we implement enterprise solutions platforms both as self-hosted and following software as a service model on a subscription basis based on the automation scale needs of our clients.

Software Development
What we offer?
Cloud platforms

Minab provides large-scale cloud-based software solutions based requirements of our clients, we have extensive experience in modern-day microservice architecture and event-driven programming with demonstrable reference projects.

Integration or upgrade

We offer existing systems integration and overall upgrade for organizations that require modernizing or updating their existing systems in place. We are experienced in the system to system inspiration and guided automation revisions.

Enterprise solutions

Minabs software development team has a long-standing experience in developing and delivering common enterprise solutions like human resource, stock, sales, and customer relations management platform solutions.