Minab offers developer hours, offshore dedicated developer capacity, and organization IT department outsourcing services to all corporations through our well-experienced team in the sector of operation. Through our six months internship program Minab trains fresh graduates and graduating students for an outsourcing developer our needs, in addition also offers dedicated on-call developers trained based on specifications of our clients based in Europe. We also outsource IT departments of large corporations to manage day-to-day support requests of the organization and manage maintenance runs based on a given operation plan communicated on service engagement.

What we offer?
icon of Outsourcing software development
Outsourcing software development

Minab provides quality outsourcing software development to offshore clients with very affordable rates and flexibility to fit their implementation needs. Our team has experience working with firms based in Europe, the UK, and Canada.

icon of Dedicated developer capacity
Dedicated developer capacity

Minab trains and avails capable full-stack software developers well versed with our client's development workflow as well as their co-working tools and communication models for a seamless capacity increase.

icon of IT department outsourcing
IT department outsourcing

Minab offers full-scale IT department outsourcing services for large and medium-scale corporations with a tech infrastructure that requires dedicated technical support with little resource expenditure.